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JAMES did not have to make a move for Sosa or as he saw it, repeat the same mistake with her. She was the one that approached him.
He was standing under an almond tree in a car park waiting for Chukwudi who was chatting with a girl some distance away. That was when Sosa drove in and parked not too far from him. He saw her get out of her car and head in his direction. James looked away, thinking she was just going to pass by.
“Hi. Your name is James, right?” she said when she stopped in front of him.
James swallowed and nodded slowly. He had lost the ability to speak and his heart was beating like it wanted to leave his chest.
She smiled. “My name is Sosa.”
James swallowed again and cleared his throat. “I… I know,” he stuttered.
“Cool. So, I was wondering whether you’d like to hang out some time.” James nodded, once again unable to speak. Like a deer caught in the headlights, he was mesmerised, staring into her eyes. “Great. I know you must spend a lot of time studying, so when are you free?”
He cleared his throat again and said, “Anytime.”
“Great. Can I have your number?”
James had not memorised the number, but he brought the phone out of his pocket. “Um, give me yours and I’ll flash you.” To flash was to give someone a deliberate missed call.
“Okay.” She gave him her number and he called her and cut the call. “Cool. I’ll call you,” she said and sauntered off.
James stared after her until she was out of view, then he turned towards Chukwudi’s direction. Chukwudi was grinning from ear to ear, as he walked towards him. The girl he was chatting with had left.
“You look shellshocked,” Chukwudi said when he reached him. Did she remember your previous encounter?”
“I don’t think so,” James replied. “Am I dreaming?” he added after a pause.
“I’d give you a hot slap to let you know you’re not, but that’s not the right way to celebrate chatting with the most beautiful girl in school,” Chukwudi responded and they laughed.
James saved Sosa’s number. He had not made any calls since Chukwudi gave him the phone, but now he had an itch to call Sosa. Chukwudi advised him not to.
“She’s the one that asked for your number, let her call you.”
Despite the advice, a nervous James was going over what to say as he contemplated calling her later that evening. That was when her call came through. The phone almost fell from his hand when her name popped up.
“Hello,” he said, when he picked the call.
“Hi. How are you?” Sosa responded.
“I’m good. You?”
“Fine. Are you free? Would you like to come over to my place?”
“Yeah, yes,” James blurted out, automatically rising from his bed.
“Cool. I’ll text you my address,” she said before ending the call.
Moments later, James received the SMS and hurriedly dressed and left for her place. It was located in an estate almost opposite the main gate of the school. It was a modern building, similar to Chukwudi’s place. James was taken aback when she opened the door. She looked stunning even without makeup and dressed in a baggy tee shirt and slacks. After an exchange of pleasantries, he crouched to take off his shoes.
“You better come in with those except you’re tired of them,” she said and James walked in and placed his shoes by the door. “Would you like something to eat or maybe a drink?”
James was a bit nervous, but sensed he wasn’t the only one. The timbre in Sosa’s voice gave her away, but he couldn’t fathom why she’d be nervous.
Though her place was exquisitely furnished, it was nothing like Chukwudi’s. It was small and ultrafeminine. The rug was cushioned, the large mattress on the floor had several throw pillows on it and a mild fragrance hung in the air. Even the lighting was dim so James wasn’t sure of the colour of the room. Thick drapes were drawn over the single window.
There was a reading lamp on a small desk with books carefully arranged on it. A chair was in front of the small desk and photographs and cut-outs of her image from magazines adorned the wall above the desk. A small fridge was wedged below a cupboard full of books and beside a wardrobe door next to the entrance. There were two doors at the opposite side of the room, the open one led to a kitchenette and James assumed the other led to the bathroom.
James had not been able to eat since she spoke to him that day and he was a little hungry. But now, standing in front of her, his appetite disappeared. He involuntarily licked his lower lip and swallowed.
“Thanks, but I’m not hungry,” he mumbled.
“I like you,” Sosa said and stepped even closer to him. Her eyes gleamed.
Before James could make sense of what was happening, her lips were on his and she was kissing him feverishly. He felt her hand on his groin and groaned into her mouth. He felt her smile against his lips before she unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans and boxers. He sprang free, fully erect and she gathered him in her soft grip, in a state akin to a massage. She ended the kiss and went down on her knees, pulling his jeans and boxers to his feet.
James gasped when her warm mouth wrapped around him. He knew about blowjobs, but Martha had never given him one and he had always preferred her lady parts, anyway. For a moment, Sosa had him wondering what more he could be missing. Then there was no thought as he found his release, groaning and trembling with his head tipped back and his eyes shut tight as he ejaculated months’ load of semen into her mouth.
Sosa got to her feet, her hand over her mouth and dashed to the bathroom. James was still rooted to the spot, his limp member already sagging when she returned. He was pulling up his jeans.
“What are you doing?” she asked as she strutted over to him, pulling her baggy tee shirt over her head to reveal two perfect medium sized breasts with turgid nipples.
James swallowed. He didn’t have to look down to know he was back fully erect. His member seemed to have developed a mind of its own.
At that moment, his phone began to ring in his pocket around his knees. He knew it was Chukwudi because he was the only one who had his number and called him other than Sosa. The excitement of owning a phone hadn’t yet worn off, so normally he’d rush and pick the call, but now he ignored it.
“Is it your girlfriend?” Sosa asked with a smug smile.
“I don’t have a girlfriend,” James responded.
“Good. Where were we?” she asked and proceeded to pull down her slacks to reveal lace panties that left little to the imagination. James did not think he could get any harder, but he did. He shimmied out of his boxer shorts which was caught up in his jeans and stepped out of both. Like a heatseeking missile, his member led him the four steps to her.
They were already kissing ravenously when the thought crossed his mind that she’d had his semen in her mouth. He decided it didn’t matter because he didn’t know what semen tasted like and her mouth was no different from the earlier kiss. She must have rinsed it, he decided.
Sosa lowered herself on the bed and James took the opportunity to take off his tee shirt. They were back kissing, him on top of her. Normally, at this point he’d reach for a condom and commence the age-old exercise that was coitus. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a condom on hand, but for the first time was willing to go all the way without protection.
Sosa, however, had other ideas. He thought she was pushing his head down to her breasts and he readily obliged, taking one teat after the other into his mouth and giving them a vigorous suck. He was pleased to hear her moan and feel her squirm. Still, after a while, she started pushing his head further down towards her thighs. James immediately knew she wanted him to return the favour she’d done him.
Sosa was cleanshaven, clean and already wet, but it took him a while to get the hang of it. He zeroed in on the tumescent bead that looked like a cheloid located just below the top of her folds. Between slurpy licks and sucks, he soon had her mewling and convulsing.
He continued even after she stopped trembling and she was forced to pull him up by his armpits. She pushed him on his back and the next thing he knew, she was removing a condom from its wrap. He was still rock-solid so he was expecting her to roll the condom down the length of his member. Instead, she inserted it between her thighs.
Afterwards, she slid back up to face him and they resumed kissing. Moments later she broke the kiss and stared at him intently. He stared back at her. It was like they could see through to each other’s souls as she lowered herself on him. He grunted involuntarily as they started to move.
Like Martha, James’ favourite sex position was missionary. The few times he encouraged Martha to get on top, she had been too shy and clumsy to do the right thing. Usually, after a few minutes she’d clamber off him and complain that she was tired. Sosa was the complete opposite. She dictated the pace even when James was shoving his hips upwards to meet her descent. This way, he lasted even longer and was pleased when he felt her tense then collapse on top of his chest, muttering gibberish.
James turned her on back without pulling out of her and was soon pounding her as they resumed kissing. The ability to kiss and the intimacy it engendered were some of the reasons why he loved missionary. His fingers dug into her scalp as he climaxed.
“Oh, God. Oh, ooh, ooh,” he groaned and from the heights of pleasure, he felt her wrap her arms and legs around him.
When he came back down to earth, James pulled out and flopped on the bed beside her. Basking in postcoital bliss, he decided it was the best sex he’d ever had. He was also starving.
Sosa could barely move. She remained supine for a long time before she finally twisted the opening of the condom between her legs and pulled it out. She stumbled to the bathroom to dispose of it.
“Are you hungry?” she asked when she came back.
“I am starving,” he replied and she giggled.
She went to the kitchenette and dished some food for the two of them. Still naked, they sat companionably on the floor with the mattress as backrest and ate rice from the same plate. As they ate, she brought up topics she was struggling with among their courses and they discussed them. They made love through the night and he left early the next day to take a shower and prepare for lectures.

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